PicoBox insists on continuous innovation to return our customer's support with providing the best products. And the most importantly: the production and quality assurance processes that we apply rigorously in our manufacturing facilities.

PicoBox has ramped up it power supply produnction capacity by a factor of 5 since 2011, including investments in machines and processes that in turn have allowed for shorter delivery deadlines, reliability and value. Recently, computer vision with artificial intelligence has been adopted in our manufacturing process to save labour cost and in turn, reward our customers in terms of the product price.

PicoBox started the mass production from 2012 in Longhua factory of Shenzhen. And in 2017, to serve the exploding demand for power supplies in the southwest of China, we chose a partner from several candidates in Chongqing for power supply manufacturing. Experienced engineers are sent to factories during manufacturing to guarantee the quality, where extensive tests have been carried out.